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Synthetic Secrets: Paranormal Romance: (Black Ops Romance Series Book)

After a rough fight with a leopard shifter, Sonya Stillwell has become a supernatural being herself. Now that she’s a shapeshifter, will Sonya still be allowed to do her job? If she is, how is it going to affect the way she feels about doing it? Now she’d be killing her own kind.
Fortunately for her, her first case as a shapeshifter is negotiation, not a kill contract. But negotiating with vampires brings its own set of problems, given that vampires slaughtered her entire family when she was six years old.
That isn’t all that’s in store for Sonya, because her government – her own boss, even – is withholding secrets that could cost lives. Most specifically, the life of someone Sonya has come to care for.
Can she juggle all these problems and get everything figured out before it’s too late