Women's Fiction

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No Time for Goodbye

A psychic with a shady past. A detective with a missing sister. Together, sparks fly.

Psychic Mia Reeves is still trying to let go of the past, but when a gruesome vision keeps haunting her thoughts, she can't ignore the truth.

Detective Roman Mancini will do anything to find his younger sister. Ten years is a long time -- and he and his family want answers. When Mia arrives at the police station with his sister's bracelet, Roman's suspicions kick in. As doubtful as he is, the red-haired beauty piques his interest, while giving him another lead.

As Roman and Mia team up together, their chemistry is undeniable. When Roman's biggest fears come true, a new danger erupts. This enemy is one Mia never saw coming. Can the detective save the psychic before it's too late?


What the Heart Wants

She's a horse whisperer who's given up on love. He's a tough-minded corporate lawyer who never believed in love in the first place.

When it comes to matters of the heart - sometimes all it takes is the right horse...