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The Creator

Ben Scarrett spends his days drinking coffee and writing analyses of the phenomena known as 'The Appearances'. That is until his reports cross the desk of a clandestine military agency fighting an undeclared war against an unknown enemy.

Pulled from behind his desk, and partnered with Joanne Kramer, Ben finds himself in a desperate race to save the life of ten-year-old Emily DeForrest.

A girl who may just be the key to keeping the Gates of Hell locked.



Hinterland – somewhere between life and the afterlife, where lost souls, demons and abandoned gods roam.

Why is Harry Kellen seeing visions of his daughter, dead these past twenty years?

Why is Sean Regan haunted by a man made of mud and clay?

And what will an old immigrant man gain by giving his granddaughter in tribute to an abandoned God?

Out in the streets of London darkness is coming; ready to steal your soul and the only choice seems to be run or die. JJ is running, but wherever he goes death follows, and he’s just about out of places to hide.