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Where an author uses great words... the BEST words, to tell a very short story about a tiny-fingered baby man and his big bad controlling Russian daddy. It's a beautiful thing, believe me. Oh, believe me, believe me, that’s based on competence, and it's for a good cause because I don’t know. It’s going to be based on real news, not this fake news. Unfair! One way or the other, it's a yuuuuge deal. Big penis. Big bad daddy. Lots of great stuff, you know? And all the proceeds go to charity. The BEST charities. People always ask me about parody porn, It's fantastic. Let me tell you about parody porn. I do very well with parody porn. I love parody porn. Nobody knows parody porn better than me, BELIEVE ME. The parody porn just got 10 feet higher. I have the best parody porn.