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Rockstar vs Heiress

Rock legend Tim Carter is about to have a child with a woman he doesn't love. At 35, after a string of failed relationships, he is determined to do his duty and build a life with the mother of his child. Maybe an accidental pregnancy can bring him the peace he always lacked.

Unfortunately, all his good intentions can’t make him love her.

Mousy Alice Lewis is resigned to carry the weight of her social duties as future heiress of Maison Pellerin. Her new job as Andrew King’s assistant on Sing adds one more burden list of things a bookworm like her hates: dealing with the most annoying man in Illyria, bad boy rockstar Tim “TC” Carter.

Alice has a secret.

She never expected to meet TC.

She had just wanted to help a friend.

Now she dreads that he will find out what she did to him...


Light Dream

Dark Dream is Vy’s favorite song and Andrew King is the rock god who wrote it.

Carter, her mentor and his eternal rival, wrote her a Light Dream to replace the Dark Dream.

Now, Vy’s new songs haunt Andrew. Tempt him. Taunt him. He fought so hard, for so long to be a better man than his past tried to shape him.

She wants to be his. He can hear it in her voice each time he hears her sing, as clearly as he used to see it in her eyes.

Holding back is breaking both their hearts. All he has to do is reach out…


Dark Dream

He will not take advantage of her crush.
She will not beg for what she craves.

Andrew King is a rock god.
For fifteen years he shared this title with his eternal rival, Tim Carter. This summer, they are in direct competition as Captains on Illyria's most popular talent show. He is desperate to drown the pain of his divorce in hard work. It was going well until Vy's audition awakens dark ghosts from his troubled youth.

Vy Cesara loves rock.
This summer she gets to sing in front of her two idols. When faced with the choice between them, every fiber of her body screams for Andrew. Over the wild beating of her heart, she chooses Carter.

Losing Vy from his team hurts, but it saves him from temptation... temporarily. Resisting temptation could cause them to lose each other for good.