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Heart of the Celtic Wolf

Hailey has always wanted to visit Scotland. There was supposed to be a man beside her - someone warm to hold in the isolated little crofter's cottage she'd booked online. All of that came crashing down, though, and for the first time in five years - Hailey is completely alone.

Or so she thinks.

The woods contain stranger things than shadows. She'd do well to heed the warnings. To close the windows, lock the door, and get herself back before dusk falls. If not - something deep, and dark, and cold may follow her home...

Not all shadows are so evil. When Liam, the white wolf, catches her scent in the wind - he knows his mate has finally come.

Will he be brave enough to save her life? Wise enough to know her mind? Kind enough to heal her heart?

And will she be strong enough to accept his?