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Historical Romance
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Capturing the Stowaway (Hearts of Keldonia Book 1)

Enjoy a taste of Lydia Crane's romantic fantasy debut, where a steamy pirate adventure takes place on the high seas and magic unfolds when you least expect it.

Captain Rowan Greymont is a fearsome pirate who is married to the sea and his ship, The Onyx Crow. Brienna Hartworth is a farmer's daughter from a small town, on a quest to return home and save her father's life. Fate brings these two together when Brienna boards Rowan's ship as a stowaway, and her discovery leads to a whirlwind of challenges.

Together they must travel across the wild seas of Keldonia, a war-torn realm of ancient magic and intrigue. While both on separate missions of the utmost importance, an unexpected bond begins to form between them. Can love prevail for this unlikely couple when duty and lives are at stake?