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Goodfellowe House

It's 1926, the Jazz Age, and New York City is the place to be. Lanie Price is a gutsy Harlem society reporter with a golden heart, willing to anywhere, talk to anyone, to get her story.

So when she revisits the unsolved 1923 mystery of a young mother's disappearance, she starts asking questions--the right questions, but of the wrong kind of people, the kind of people who would see her killed.

Join Lanie as she adds sizzle to this cold, cold case. If you love fast-moving hijinks and historical crime fiction, grab “Goodfellowe House.”


Wake Me When It's Over

This exquisite collection of horror stories is bound to both chill and delight you.

In "Henry's Hand," you'll see that it's sometimes hard to know where the fog ends and fantasy begins.

You'll meet Jake Cullin, a very nice fellow, but you most certainly won't want to stick around when the "Soul Catcher" drops in for a visit. Then there's the dinner invitation you'll want to consider, the one where one hostess tells the other to "Wake Me When It's Over."

Last, but not least, you'll join Bill and his wife as they head off for a vacation they'll never forget -- or ever want to repeat -- the one in Asbury Park, where "Someone Lies Waiting."