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Science Fiction

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Recursion (Book One of the Recursion Event Saga)

And more dangerous than ever...

Paris, 1951 -- Molly Gardner is an agent for the ISD, a secret government agency policing the time tunnels. The ISD protects the world from Interlopers, illegal travelers who exploit the tunnels for their own needs. Molly has always believed the ISD had ultimate control of the tunnels. But she's wrong.

On a routine mission, Molly arrives to find her team scattered and her station burning, destroyed by a Recursion Event. New revelations send Molly on a desperate flight across Europe, pursued by a mysterious Interloper named Phaedrus.

Determined to learn the truth, and haunted by a tragedy from her past, Molly must choose between her quest for truth and the safety of the few remaining members of her team. But safety may be a lost cause,


The Drone PIlot: A Short Story

A suicidal drone on a collision course with a colonist ship. The drone is piloted by a marvel of modern technology - a quantum linked pilot - but severing the link will kill the pilot. One woman must choose.