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Teen & Young Adult

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The Carousel and Other Short Stories

These short stories capture the struggle of growing up, entwining fears and reality with the strengths and vulnerability of adolescence. Bella, Grace, Lisa and Ava are young women who harbour secrets, live with adversity and struggle to make decisions that will not impact the world around them. But the ripple effect is like a spider's web that captures even those who don't want to be caught.


Enough Time

She already has a boyfriend. He has a reputation. But life isn't always about doing the right thing.
Zoe Verity takes her privileged life for granted until the night of Ethan Walsh's party. The bubbly teen falls into Ethan's arms hoping to find popularity and love. But when everybody notices her all she wants is to be invisible.
Charli Richter is Zoe's best friend and knows there's something terribly wrong. Is Ethan Walsh the cause of Zoe's new behaviour? How can Charli find out, if Zoe won't talk?How can Zoe live with what she has done and what it will do to her family? Will this be the end of life as she knows it? If you like teenage characters, realistic dialogue and secrets then you'll love this book.