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Trans Liberty Riot Brigade

Andi knows being born an intersex "Transgressor" can have lethal consequences. After all, surgical assignment is mandated by law. But she ain't going to spend her life hiding from the Society, hooked on Flow, and wanking tourists just to make a few bucks. She's a member of the Trans Liberty Riot Brigade, an underground faction of Transgressors resisting the government's war on their illegal genitalia.

But it's not enough to tag their messages on shithouse walls and sniff down the next high. The government has found their headquarters, decimated their ranks, and they're crushing the resistance. Though Andi might be nothing but a junktard, she embarks on a desperate dash to stay alive and send a call for help before they're all killed--or worse, surgically assigned.



"The green scab on Chrisy’s elbow was bigger. She could tell. She squinted into the mirror above her bathroom sink, elbow so close to the glass it threatened to smudge the immaculate surface. Yes, definitely bigger."

There’s something really wrong this time. Hypochondriac Chrisy has a green mole; surely cancer or some other equally deadly disease. But little does she know, she’s not going to die—for the first time, Chrisy is going to live.

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