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BFA, San Francisco Art Institute (California, USA)
Studied Time, Space & Underwater Weaving at Università degli Studi di Palermo
Print and online publication credits
Technical writer and translator
From Caltabellotta, Sicily


Historical Fiction
Other (Fiction)

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Snapshots from A Tyranny of God

A TYRANNY OF GOD (ISBN 9781370238750) is a historical fiction novel available at and The novel has gleaned excellent reviews on Goodreads, while excerpts were short-listed by several university short-story competitions in 2015-16.
A TYRANNY OF GOD is rated ‘Mature’ due to graphic sexual content that may be offensive to some readers, although it is not an erotic novel per se.
This eBook is a compilation of Snapshots from Part One of the novel. The purpose of these short out-takes is to offer readers a taste of the narrative before deciding to purchase the much longer ebook or hardcover edition (approximately 750 pages).


SEX (and the Single Virus)

A collection of short stories with attitude. Golfers Natalia and Derek encounter Mister Enrod the Genie (Prince of Persia NOT). Ten year-old Dominic wears Adriana's silk camisole under his clothes. A destitute single mother succumbs to an affair with her landlord. Millicent (an aging electrical receptacle) experiences a 3-way hookup in the kitchen. Marsha redefines the term "premarital sex." Listeners call-in to their local radio station to speak with the H1N1 virus. Warning: Certain situations and dialogue may be offensive to some readers. Enjoy at your own risk (of becoming enlightened).