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Women's Fiction

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So, Is it Me You're Looking For?

Sometimes the things you always wanted aren’t what you expect…

29-year-old Leila Black wants more out of life. Living with her friend Claudia, who seems to have it all, and their flatmate Jez, who is the life and soul of the party and has women dropping at his feet, she feels like she is being left behind. She also misses the father that left when Leila was just a baby.
Deciding to do something about her life, she makes two New Year Resolutions. One is to find and man to share her life with and the other is to find her father.
When her idea for a television show is accepted, Leila is delighted. The show is all about finding lost relatives and when she is given a starring role, it seems like things are on the up.
This new direction introduces her to a host of new people, including the good