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Path of Water and Bone: An Aether Guardian Story

Would you risk your life today for someone dying tonight?

Evan’s an unlucky teen. Friendships remain his only luck – especially from his secret crush Terra. Bewitched by mysteries her entire life, she solves riddles – except from Evan’s mixed signals. Longing for the truth, she snatches him for an evening alone.

Taken into the Midnight Fair, Evan discovers devious foes, ruthless tricks, and macabre warnings keeping them apart. But when he crosses paths with a clairvoyant medium, a devastating truth unfolds: Terra isn’t finding love with Evan tonight.
She’s finding death.

Evan vows to change Terra’s fate, but it means nothing…

…if he can’t survive the night.

Path of Water and Bone is a young-adult paranormal prequel short story in the Aether Guardians Series. Read it today!