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How to Uncover Your Donkey: A Workbook to Help You Excavate Your Own Unique Life Purpose

Feeling frustrated by your inability to nail down your life purpose? Tired of filling out questionnaires that target vocation, rather than an overall way of being that feels right? Enter the donkey! This workbook is a companion to the novel, “Giving Voice to Dawn”, which uses a fable involving a donkey stuck at the bottom of a deep hole to describe the process of excavating your life purpose. Using a set of fun, creative exercises, “How to Uncover Your Donkey” takes you step by step through a process that will help you name your purpose while opening your life to more joy. You’ll learn how to identify things that should leave your life and will ride a Whale Meditation into the depths to rediscover what you always meant to do. A link to a free sample of “Giving Voice to Dawn” is included.