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Wedding Weekend

Lucas Friar has spent the past eight years trying to figure out why Riley Matthews broke up with him in college, and now the two are finally in the same place at the same time for Farkle and Isadora's wedding. Will the truth come out, and will they move on together or separately?


Secret Fantasy

For Britney O'Leary choices made when she was still a teenager have haunted her throughout her adult life. When she thinks she has lost her job, she runs how to her twin sister Connie, hoping to make sense of her life.

Jason Evans has one regret in his life, that would be letting go of his first and only love. When he's forced to confront the secrets of his past, will he be able to make sense of his future?

Sara Johnson has always dreamed of being an actress. When she has a chance to make it come true she finds herself in a world filled with secrets about her past, and finds something she didn't know she was looking for.



What Happened in Paris

Caitlin thought going to Paris would mean she could escape a summer with Joel, but fate has another plan and they have to accept the rules they create to make it through the next six weeks together.