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The Set Dilemma

Ann just broke into Hollywood straight from the small town of Eatonton, Georgia. Her first day on the set, she was saved from a near tragic accident by the most handsome man she had ever seen.

It turns out, he's her costar Jack, and they are equally hot for each other.

However, Jack's millionaire wife is an evil woman who wants nothing more than to be rid of Ann.

Jack wants out of his marriage but at what cost?

Will Jack and Ann be more than costars?

Or will the new eligible bachelor on the scene, David, make Ann his?


Not Giving Up

MEET BRANDON CHRISTOPHER ASHER II. Meet Brandon Christopher Asher II. All throughout college, he was a well-known playboy. The Harvard medical student met mocha beauty, Zoey, and fell hard. She has a troubled past and she's not looking for love. Nevertheless, Brandon captured Zoey’s heart. The women in his life are not accepting of her. Brandon wants a future with Zoey, however Zoey doesn’t believe she deserves love. She believes any chance at happiness is non-existent. Will Zoey let this Billionaire philanthropist into her heart? What will happen if Brandon learns the truth about Zoey’s past?