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Barely Breathing

Follow our story if you dare, but be warned... neither of our lives have been fairy tale perfect. This is our Kaotic Beginning...

Take a
Deep Breath
You can and will get through this.

Rock Bottom.
Is where I find myself, yet again.
I remember all the times I've stood alone, begging for help, praying for an answer, no longer knowing who I'd become and barely being able to breathe.
I. Will. Not. Let. Those. Memories. Stop. Me.
Knock me down, break my soul, and cause me pain, but I have always found the strength to pick myself up and stand tall again.
People assume I'm too fragile and incapable of functioning.
But surviving is part of my daily routine.
I, Ruby Bennett will start over as many times as it takes.
My past will not overpower my present.
It's said the third time's a charm.