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Donna Hechler Porter graduated from Texas A & M University with a B.S. in Education. After many years of teaching, she now homeschools her twin sons and is active in her local homeschool group. Her first foray into fiction, her "Children of the Light Trilogy," has already won numerous awards. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as the subchapters Hearts Through History and Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America. In addition to fiction, she has published five genealogy books and a short biography on her struggles with hypothyroidism titled "Will Someone Please Shoot the Cuckoo?" She is currently working on her fourth novel. You can visit her at her website/blog at She can also be found on Facebook at


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance

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Keeping Secrets, Children of the Light 1

Widow Mary McKechnie’s brother has threatened to take her daughters and place them into indentured service if she cannot provide for them. When Amon Cayle offers her a job, she has little choice but to accept. But Brother Amon is a disorderly walker among the Friends, and Mary’s brother is not pleased.

Twenty years ago, Mary walked away from Amon and into the arms of another man. She assured Amon she was not keeping secrets. He believed her not then, and he believes her not now. While she is working for him, he is determined to find answers. She is just as determined not to give them.

Will Mary save Amon from the past? Or will her secret tear them apart forever?