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Science Fiction

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HOLLYWOOD - Cyn City Cyborgs

"All right, Hollywood, time for your first lesson: don't let some random stranger take you home. You never know what kind of trouble you might find."

He lives a charmed life in skycity
She’s got an attitude sharpened in the Cyn City Slums.

What she finds beneath his cocky attitude though is worth more than all the titanium on Earth. But without the technology, metal, and biology she’s promised the cynker, Sage is going to have to make good somehow, even if it means donating herself.



The Vilka's Secret

Geeky, Sexy Astrophysicist + Lonely, Shape-Shifting Alien = Cosmic Collision

Maeve Delgado is a genius astrophysicist living aboard a space station on the frontier of deep space. She teeters on the brink of discovering the first wormhole, which would open a gateway to a new galaxy for human exploration.
Flight Corporal Noaz is an alien shape-shifter from the secret planet of Kladuu, assigned to patrol the borders of his people’s airspace. Spending years in space alone has left Noaz lonely and withdrawn.
But when Noaz hears Maeve’s panicked distress call, his choice isn’t so simple. And he’s never been one to follow the rules.