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The Chaos Accounts #1: Account of Anxiety

Meet Blaine Foster, a teenager who could impersonate a collection of iconic people, but lacked the confidence to be himself. When a date with a mystery online girl ends with shooting air from his hands and running at racecar speeds, he is thrown into the world of MetaHumans, people with extraordinary talents that any normal teenager would do anything to have.

Not Blaine. He wants nothing to do with these crazy people and their even crazier powers. When he discovers that an underground group of MetaHumans, called ChaosBlaze, kidnaps his family as blackmail, he suddenly has to motivation to learn how to use his talents to take them down and get his family back. Whatever it would take.


Cross of Faith (Tales of Terrara Vikos #1)

As heir to the daemon clan Lord, Halden Rendra is a rebel. He argues with his father constantly and is always looking for a fight. The day his father drags him to the Realm Leader's suburban home, his destiny changes.

He meets Lucian Gallager, a young boy about his age that seems like a 'nerdy weakling'. However, as Halden soon discovers, everything is not as it seems, especially when it comes to the Realm Leader's only son.

Account #1 of my Tales of Terrara Vikos story saga

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Kinetic Tragedy

Raiden Theron knew his life was a ticking time bomb. When news hits related to his personal life, that clock jumps forward. When he breaks down, who’s to say his demon will leave those he loves alone?