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Charles Harvey

I love the world of the wacky...wacky places and wacky characters. In the first story, a character suggests finding a beach town without a port...My kind of stories

R.F. Kristi

Great cover.

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Breaking Good

It was 1971, Nixon was President, war was in Vietnam, and pot was seeded and illegal. Something had to be done. When Lizardo returned from Hawaii with Kona with the world's best pot, Mike Good, mild-mannered revolutionary,avid surfer, knew what it was.

He made a list: End War; overthrow the government; grow enough Hawaiian pot to raise world consciousness. Also, enjoy a life of fun and adventure.

Actively opposed to Mike's plan: President Nixon, pesky drug laws, the Police, the FBI, rip-offs, the cannibals next door, hungry tiger sharks, the U.S. Army, and the CIA's newest secret weapon.

Will Mike remain unbusted and unconsumed long enough to change the world? If you love zany crime capers, quirky characters, hilarious dialogue, and exotic locations, read Breaking Good and find out!


Weird Trips

Mike Good loves Mother Nature. Mother Nature does not love him back. A collection of nine hilarious stories features his travel adventures to exotic islands, coral reefs, and lush jungles—i.e., the tropical Third World. Low budget home of Tarzan, untreatable diseases, and maniacal drivers. Also, carnivorous plants, poisonous snakes, venomous insects, cannibals, and headhunters!

Mike encounters volcanoes, torrential storms, lightning strikes, enraged villagers, vengeful oceans, vengeful hangovers, port city muggers, even a KGB spy. The road was lined with bad hotels, inedible food, sinking boats, crashing planes, lots of victims… Then there were the buzzkilling drug laws.

How does a free spirit lacking common sense travel the world and make it back alive? Read Weird Trips and find out!