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Historical Romance
Teen & Young Adult

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His RightHand Man

Angela of Rom has one mission: to save the lives of her sickly brother and crippled father. When her country goes to war, Angela disguises herself as her brother "Phil", the estranged son of Rom. The last person she expected to collide with is her long time betrothed Captain Konner of Hoyts. Having never met Kon before, Angela is quickly intrigued by the large man who is soon to be her husband.
Konner could care less about the unknown woman his father betrothed him to. His sole purpose is to fight, and win, the war. When he discovers, though, that the famed archer of the Arohian army is, in truth, a woman Konner's affections fast become hers. Yet, Angela is a distraction to the warrior lifestyle he'd been born and raised in. Konner must learn to keep his head...without losing his heart.