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Fuelled by wanderlust and the odd cake, Karen likes nothing better than donning boots and rucksack, seeking out the back roads and enjoying the freedom to go wherever her feet can. She currently lives on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus where she spends her time nurturing geckos, trying not to gorge on too much fried halloumi and writing her books from a tiny balcony overlooking the sea.


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Eat Like a Greek

Easy ways to try the Mediterranean diet by someone who lives there - me!

I will show you exactly how the Greeks eat this so-called Mediterranean diet. How and when they eat their fruit and vegetables, nuts and beans. And how they get through an astonishing amount of olive oil.

And I'll make it super easy for you to try for yourself some of their ways.

Here's what you'll learn:

How to eat more greens
When to eat salad
How to sneak in more vegetables
Olive oil; How much, how often and when
The easiest way to eat even more vegetables
How to eat cake
How to eat
How to drink like a Greek
One Mediterranean Month - 30 daily tips for healthy eating

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