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Circle of Fire

After years of running from her heritage and her past, Asya Kynavor has sworn off any chance at a normal life. Sworn off men. When she is picked up by Fleshers, supernatural traffickers, and put up for sale on the Dark Market, she knows any chance to escape her personal demons is gone.

Demyan Ravencroft, one of the Seven Princes of Hell, wants nothing to do with the do-good society that shunned his kin. With his coronation weeks away, he doesn’t need any complications. Especially not little Market slaves. But when Asya takes center stage, he can’t deny the curiosity she sparks.

As the bidding begins, Demyan realizes he isn’t the only one interested. If he can keep them alive long enough, the dark Prince will be the only one to possess her.

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Kiss of Blood

Vampire princess, Ana Tridale, has always wanted to be a warrior for her colony. Now, her first mission is here: a trek into the heart of the North Georgia Mountains. But with darkness around every corner, she soon realizes there is more in the wilderness than just her team. 

This is her one shot to prove to everyone she's more than just a princess. Only one thing can ruin it. But it's also the one thing that may save her life.

Kiss of Blood is the prequel to the Dark Urban Fantasy series: Lost Nights.