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Hi, I'm T.S. Valmond the science fiction and fantasy author currently residing in Canada with my husband and dog in an undisclosed location. One can never be too careful when exposing the secrets of powerful governments, worlds, and illegal aliens. (Yes, they're watching.) I was into science fiction and fantasy long before Browncoats, Trekkies, and a Jedi were cool. Like my readers, I long for the days when Reality TV didn't mean anything and entertainment was entertaining. When I'm not writing I'm–Nope. I'm always writing. So while I'm creating your next amazing adventure, you can learn more about me at


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Hope Saved ~ Preview

A planet on the brink of destruction.
A journey through uncharted space.
A terrorist plot to destroy them all.

Young Capt. Dana Pinet is tasked with guiding the elite crew and passengers of the starship Hope in their search for a new home. With terrorist attacks, an ex-boyfriend serving as her first officer, and an inexperienced captain, what could go wrong?
Dana will have to put her past aside, keep a government conspiracy a secret, and lead a remnant of humans to a new home against all odds of survival.



The Guardian's Keep

She’s no little mermaid, she’s a shapeshifter, who dreams of being a musketeer.

The Guardian’s Keep is the training facility for the royal imperial guard. Only the best of the best are accepted and graduate from the program before they go on to pass the final challenge in front of the royal family.
Zehra is a shapeshifting mermaid who’s never failed at anything in her life and she doesn’t plan to start now. Her older brothers have graduated from the Keep and gone on to become members of the royal guard and despite being deaf she knows she will too.
But training at the Keep isn’t at all how she imagined it would be. Being deaf has never held her back before but her resolve will be put to the test like never before.



The First Kingdom

A Romeo and Juliet story with a fantasy twist.

Sanee and Adera became friends long before they understood what it meant to hate those who were different. They fell in love in secret against the wishes of their families. Determined to be together when ripped apart, they each embark on a journey to find a land only rumored to exist where they could be accepted and live in peace.

The feuding tribes of Bolaji have never had peace but this epic war comes to a head when border battles intensify over the disappearance of the two young lovers, forcing Sanee and Adera to make unimaginable choices.



Status One Agent (a.k.a. The Brotherhood~Preview)

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Loyal agent, powerful telepath…and government experiment?

Telepathic Imperial agent Genevieve Sorel of Red Moon was a top-ranking combat agent until a mysteriously hidden memory resurfaces putting into question everything she’s ever known. In the hunt for the truth, she’ll be forced to make unimaginable sacrifices to save a friend.
This fast-paced futuristic conspiracy thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow Gena as she discovers new love, new family, and a dark secret that her forgotten memories hold. Once she learns the truth about her own origins will she be able to help those closest to her?


The Courier's Code - Preview

A rebellious teenage princess with a day job?

Rasha enjoys the independence that comes with being a professional courier with a perfect record in the Bolaji kingdoms, that is until she's tasked to deliver a mysterious package from the tenth king to the prince of the first kingdom.

When the package is accidentally opened her hidden royal past could be exposed, and she might lose her precious freedom for good. Worse than that the troublesome package could ruin her entire life.

If you want to escape into a young adult fantasy adventure on a faraway world, you’ll love this one.

Get The Courier’s Code preview and immerse yourself in the Bolaji kingdoms today!