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Professor McNasty

Professor Damian is my gorgeous art professor. "His dark brown eyes and plump lips haunted me in my dreams. I kept imagining his strong, dark hands all over me, giving me the most unimaginable pleasure... I squirmed in my chair, too aroused just by thinking about him."

Little do I know that he wants to do more to me than teach me art. He summons me to his office to show me the lessons he has planned for me. I am a very, very bad girl.



Professor Trissa Clark is determined to teach her younger student, Reed things that girls his age couldn't possibly begin to know.

Reed is eager to learn from his sexy professor, but perhaps he has a thing or two to teach her too.


Sealing the Deal

As the heat goes up in the kitchen, more than just the soup is bubbling over as Ty and Katie compete against another team to win a cooking competition that could transform their lives…

Ty Munson is a hunky 30-year-old real estate billionaire has never stopped working – not even to find a girl to settle down with. His mother has other ideas, however, and signs him up for a charity cooking competition without telling him.

Katie Tiller is a passionate executive director of a homeless shelter who needs to win this competition if the shelter is to continue in its mission. A caring and compassionate woman who is driven to affect change in her local community, she despairs when she’s paired with the aloof and unapologetically disinterested Ty.

**Warning, story now includes hotter scenes**