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Nick Keller and Ian Cannon are actually two parts of the same brain. One’s right, the other’s left. But who knows which is which … and they ain’t saying. Nevertheless, they occasionally collaborate on projects bringing Nick’s psycho, nutjob darkness together with Ian’s weird, wacky humor. Some say they come together like dirt and water (and we all know the bi-product of that) while others say they come together like chocolate and peanut butter. Both Nick and Ian (and that is to say “he”) prefers to leave that opinion up to you, dear reader. Whatever your take is, he (or “they,” whichever) would love to hear from you! So stab us with an eMail, and I’ll do our best to respond. Thanks, everybody … and Happy Halloween!


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Science Fiction

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A Killer's Role: Opening Sample

Two unlikely partners, each with a storied past, come together to stop a psycho who likes to view L.A. through a sniper scope and soon find themselves in a race against time that could bring the city to its knees.



The Dead, Inc.

A suit and tie. A fat paycheck. The rat race. Everything in our society is underpinned by the corporation. But how far does the road go? And where might it end? In the apocalypse, one man goes on a journey to find out ... and discovers the truth.


Compounding Interest: An Erter & Dobbs Novella

It's like any other day for L.A. Detective Bernie Dobbs, so why can't he sleep? Between ex-con informants, sleazy bookies, a deadly hitman and a beautiful vixen, he finds himself caught in a web of half-truths and complete lies. Throw in some Jineo Cartel boys and, yeah—just another day. Only this one never seems to end. And all Bernie wants is a goddamn nap.