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Gaslit Insurrection Sample

Magic can get a man killed in the streets of New Chicago. Kane Shepherd is a private investigator called in to quietly investigate a series of strange murders. He determines that it is the work of a Magician. A Magician himself, Kane knows this case could turn nasty for him and his two fellow Magicians, Tabitha Drake and Alastair Jones. Kane soon finds that the situation is bigger than he thought when he’s swept into a boiling conflict filled with conspiracy, corruption, and bloodshed. What chance does a revolution of the oppressed have against the mighty Oligarchy? Who is the mysterious Magician roaming the streets and shadows of Hidden Valley? Why does a strange figure reeking of blood and hatred harbor such interest in Kane? The Clockworks of War have begun to spin.


The Express

The Angel Express has relics from the past...for all passengers!