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Tina Silvens is an author dedicated to the fantasy genre. Although she has been writing since school days, her first book was published in 2017. “The Mysterious Soldier – Part I” is the first book in the Arid Kingdom series, a story she kept working on for more than 10 years before finally reaching out into the world of published books.



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Kyle's Nightmare: The Ancient Spirit

Simple office worker by day, warrior by night.

Kyle used to live a normal life until an ancient spirit put a curse on him. Now he has to finish a series of strange missions in another world so he can wake up in the morning and live in the normal world. He wants to break the spell, but what will he choose after falling for the spirit’s daughter?

Kyle is 27 years old and likes to live a normal life. He first encountered the spirit in his dreams when he was a teenager. In the beginning, he thought all those requests were harmless as they were supposed to be mere dreams but later on he realized some of them had effects in the real life too.
Somehow, he managed to escape from the spell.

Ten years later, the spirit finds him again and wants to turn him into her loyal subject.


The Mysterious Soldier - Part I

Selunia hides her magical skills and disguises as a mere soldier of the Arid Kingdom in order to help Prince Soris. But what happens when unexpected attackers get in her way?

A world where old principles and the latest military technology co-exist, and magic has yet to be discovered.

Selunia is a nineteen-year-old girl who was born in a community of people with supernatural powers. However, her powers have failed to be awakened. Nobody wants her there anymore.

Her mother has a vision about her future. She insists on sending the girl to the nearby Arid Kingdom, and become Prince Soris' protector.

Selunia's mother believes that this will help the girl find her hidden powers; but the Arid Kingdom has no knowledge of magic.

Will it all be in vain?