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the Last Dance

Known for her pretty face and a body that turns the heads of chicks’ boyfriends, Anaya strips at The Crown.
How long is she willing to deal with haters and jealous women who will never let her have peace of mind because they can’t shine the way she does?
Tension is building at The Crown, as some factors are in play that Anaya won’t see at first – factors that could very well push her to the edge...and walking away from a life that can inevitably lead to a harsh ending...



Devon Johnson is on top of his game. As vice-president for a lucrative investment banking corporation and a self-confessed playboy, there’s nowhere to go but up. He just has one little problem. And her name is Jada Thomas.

When Jada is promoted to the New York City branch of Devon’s corporation, she has a lot on her plate as interim president. She’s not about to add the sexy and charming Devon into the mix. Even if he has gotten under her skin.

As Devon falls head over heels for Jada, he finds himself going nowhere fast. Jada seems immune to his good looks and smooth attitude. Can he win her over and prove to her that he is the man of her dreams? And will Jada be able to let go of her past and risk her heart one more time for a chance at true love?