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Preview - His Little Earthling

Can a twenty-first century girl make it in the twenty-fourth century?
After three hundred years asleep in cryogenic stasis, Sarah awakens to find Earth has been destroyed, and everything she ever knew and loved has gone.
Ral, the handsome, stern astro-archaeologist who found her, takes her under his wing, caring for her like she's his little girl. He brings her gifts from the places he goes, and he doesn't hesitate to spank her bare bottom when she deserves it.
But when Ral goes missing, it's up to Sarah to find him, and she uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to undermine the galaxy's stability. How can an Earth girl take on the criminal underworld by herself when she doesn't even know how to summon a cab?
CAUTION: This is a preview of a complete daddy-dom book and includes spankings.


Grim Mermaid

"He hurt me so bad I didn't even know where I was. I escaped, but he's coming for me."

I was enslaved for as long as I could remember. My merman master destroyed my body and mind, over and over. I nearly died to escape him. But now he's here, and he won't let me go. When he threatens the life of the human prince I love, I have no choice but to obey him.

When I found a dying, maimed mermaid on the beach, broken inside and out, I used all the resources of my kingdom to help her. I swore vengeance on the evil merman who hurt her. Now he's taken her back. I have to save her, so I can claim her as my bride.

The Little Mermaid meets Fifty Shades of Grey in this dark, twisted fairytale retelling that's NOT for the faint-hearted.



His Submissive Warrior

Aria Adams's very first dark romance, His Submissive Warrior, is available for the first time ever for your ereader!
Karis is a strong, independent warrior woman used to leading her own army. Outnumbered and outflanked by evil Hector's army, she never gives up fighting for the freedom of Macedonia. Then, she finds an unexpected ally. The warlord Damien is the only man who has ever bested Karis in a swordfight, and as a forfeit, she must submit to a hard spanking from the enormous warlord. Startled by her own feelings for him, she runs out on him, and now they have unfinished business. But when Karis is betrayed and taken as a slave by Hector, Damien must invade another country to retrieve her. But can he reach her in time, before Hector breaks her?


Rescued by the Woodsman by Aria Adams

Other girls get cars for their eighteenth birthday. Eskara gets to be sacrificed to the Old Gods.
She suffers a series of painful and humiliating rituals, and is resigned to her death, because nobody can challenge her master.
Until a hot, gruff woodsman appears. He rescues her, but what does he want in return?


My Barely-Legal Step Sister: Six short stories

Six sizzling short taboo tales featuring the special (and completely legal) bond between step brother and step sister.
This set features:
My stepsister learns to suck: I need my stepbrother to help me learn to please my boyfriend.
Punished by my step brother: He found something naughty in my purse, and now I'm in trouble.
My stepsister strips for cash: I was at my buddy's 21st birthday, the stripper... is my stepsister. I can't take my eyes off her.
My stepbrother takes my a*al virginity: I've done everything. Except that. I'm saving it for my stepbrother.
Titf*cking my stepsister: My stepsister has the biggest, best melons I ever saw. And they're all mine.
Car Trouble: My stepbrother's car overheated. We have to wait for it to cool down. So we get busy.

Warning: This is a SHORT 12k set.


Wedded to the Highlanders

Get the #1 bestseller! Lucy's found her husbands, now she just has to get them to marry her.

Lucy has her sights set on strong Highlanders Steen and Hugh, but one won't give her the time of day, and the other is being relentlessly pursued by another woman. When her luck with the hot, hunky Highlanders starts to change, dark powers throw the entire village into turmoil. Hugh and Steen need to take up swords and fight for their lassie. But how can a baker and a fisherman defeat a powerful sea creature?

This is a cozy Victorian Highland ménage in a reverse harem world aligned with supernatural forces. Charmed meets Outlander. There are elements of ménage and domestic discipline. Cakes will get baked. Water nymphs will get buckets of water thrown at them. And there's a HEA (no cheating).