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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Skin Trials

It’s the year 2037. Seren is perfect. She lives a grand life inside America’s upper class Premium Tier One. Her powerful parents helped create it. Soon, Seren will extend her parents’ government to the first colony in space.

Until the rebel hacker group, Anthistemi, exposes her ugly truth. Seren was genetically altered before birth. Seren’s parents never told her. Anthistemi knows her real identity, and their forces will not stop until they destroy her life. Ripped from her world, Seren enters the desolate East Coast. There, she learns about the skin trials, and testing her parents inflicted on innocent people.

The masses demand that Seren suffer as they have. There is only one way Anthistemi will spare her. She must help them crush the only parents she's ever known.



A Perfect Society

"Some people need their freedom now."

In Madison, Mississippi, fifteen year-old Pepper Pickens anticipates lazy summer days at the lake, getting thrown in leaves during fall, and having her first kiss. Until a scientist begins conducting his experiments in her backyard. And then terrified people begin running to Pepper's porch in the middle of the night.

Soon, her friends shun her, and her privileged life shatters. But none of that shocks Pepper as much as what happens next. A new government is being secretly enforced.

Dr. Lyle Terry is doing more than scientific research. He's helping innocent people escape. When he reaches out to Pepper, he seals her fate with his own. And the Skin Trials begin.