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Douglas Tarenyika was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe with his 4 older sisters. His mother is from Ethiopia and his father, Zimbabwe. He moved to America in 2004 at the age of 16, where he has not only continued to value and uphold his culture, but has also continued to develop a deep appreciation for other cultures as well. His love for different cultures can be seen in the diversity of his friends as well as the characters he has created for his book, from the Zulu-influenced warriors, to the Maori-style fighters. Along with the diversity among his friends, Douglas' deep appreciation for cultures can also be seen in his extensively eclectic taste in music. No matter what country it may be from, you will be hard pressed to find a genre that Douglas won't appreciate. This love for music can also be found in his first novel, Peace is the Mission, from character names to the title of the book itself. Peace is the Mission is Douglas' first published book and hopefully, not his last. .


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Peace Is The Mission

The Vulcans, fierce, controlling and power-hungry men, compete with the Kaals in a race for dominance over all the lands. The Vulcans are fueled by fire and have armies of men trained to kill with no remorse. The Kaals, their sworn enemies, leave the lands they conquer frozen over, turning them into a habitat only they could survive in. As both their nations grow, so do their armies, increasing in number as each boy becomes of age. The villages they raid supply them with young boys for their armies and girls to work in their kingdoms. They take the young and brainwash them, erasing their history and that of their people. Deep in their quest for power, both nations forget about the Naguals, the true inhabitants of the lands they plan to conquer. These warriors are different from all those t