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Alex Klaushofer is a journalist and author who has written extensively on social and religious affairs and politics in Britain and Middle East. She has only recently realised that this really boils down to writing about people and places.


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The New British Druids: Connecting with nature in the 21st century

As growing numbers of people embrace nature-based spiritualities, Druidry - arguably the indigenous faith of the British Isles – is undergoing a resurgence. Journalist Alex Klaushofer brings a sympathetic yet detached eye to contemporary British Druidry, talking to the movement’s leading figures and experiencing Druid life first-hand through the rituals and ceremonies of a summer camp. The resulting piece of reportage gives a unique insight into modern paganism and how an ancient faith is metamorphosing into a new way of connecting with nature.
This is the first of a series of short travelogues exploring how faith is evolving in twenty-first century Britain, a theme which is explored more fully in the full-length book The Secret Life of God.