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First Contact

A former SETI administrator gets what he has dreamed for all his life - the chance to make first contact with an extra-terrestrial intelligence. But things don't go exactly as planned, and he discovers that alien life is much more than he can handle.


New York Jungle Zombies


When a meteor crashes in the middle of Central Park, Austen and Kyrsten both find their curiosity piqued. Investigating the site quickly reveals that the meteor is more than it seems. It is a giant seed, and vines are growing out of it at an exponential rate. The vines will take over Manhattan within 24 hours if someone doesn’t do something. The only problem is, the city’s been evacuated, and the only ones who can stop it are the two children. However, it’s a little hard to get some weed killer, when you’re also being chased by zombies.

How can Kysten and Austen stop the seed from taking over the city without getting turned into zombies themselves?


Anti-Christ - Issue #1

Sam has been genetically engineered by terrorists to be the Anti-Christ and destroy the western world, but she wants out of the game and decides to kill herself instead. The problem is she can't die, because a higher power has special plans for her. Sam desperately wants to use the evil powers within her for good, but she is afraid of becoming the monster everyone believes she is.


Curse of Frankenstein

A monster has been walking among us, trying to find his place in the world. He didn't ask to be created. He didn't want to look how he does. He just wants to fit in and act like he matters. That is difficult when people see him as a threat. He feels as if he's finally found his place, but one night makes all that change once again.