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Tales from the Mosspark Universe: Vol. 2

This second volume of "Tales from the Mosspark Universe" is a cyberpunk-themed collection, expanding on his successful science fiction novels. These stand-alone stories explore what happens when humanity and advanced technology collide, and how individuals adapt to survive in a changing world.

Learn about how the last words of a stranded alien lifeform as they reveal the cause of the black anomaly.

Watch as Olivia Thorne learns to survive on the abandoned streets of Toronto.

Follow one of the last good cops as they determine who is the real enemy in a failed state.

Watch as a hacker risks everything by testing the limits of technology with cerebral augmentation.

These exciting stories and more are brought to you in the "Tales from the Mosspark Universe: Volume 2".


Sand Fall: Infected

Captain Adam Hill barely survives when his spaceship is dragged far off course by a mysterious force and crash-lands on a remote desert planet. Injured and infected by an alien parasite native to the world, he must find other survivors.

Somewhere across the blowing sands, dozens of the cryogenically frozen crew have been scattered. Each in danger of being prey to the violent inhabitants of the planet. Among them Tricia Young, the crew's doctor, and the only one who may be able to keep Adam alive.

As he searches the sand-covered planet, it becomes clear that they are all far from safe. If the burning sun, scouring storms or lack of water does not finish the dwindling group, the apex predators just might.

Adam and Tricia must find each other to survive, or die.