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Wheels on Fire

A sixty-year-old arson spree ending in murder…
Arson investigator Kat MacKay cannot believe it could be the same person who committed the crimes she studied in college, but all signs point to it. Could the Fresno Firebug have gone to ground for that long and still be physically capable of creating such mayhem? He’d have to be quite elderly.

His injuries have sidelined him from firefighting…
But Dante Rossi cannot sit home and dwell. He’s delivering some of the finest, most innovative fire trucks and other apparatus to departments all over the country, providing distraction while he hopes for his back to heal enough to return to work. An overnight stop at Cedar Valley on the way to drop a truck at Dallas Fire and Rescue Station 58 provides more distraction than he ever dreamed possible. Hi



Witch Way Out

Tina Marie Wales is a witch on a mission. To get her life under control. Her online herbal business is, growing exponentially, her familiars are at war with one another, and her magical pen pal, the Shifter Whisperer, is trying to help. Not to mention that she just bought a charming Victorian with a peculiar curse on it. And the next door neighbor keeps growling at her. Not that it’s not sexy but…really! Growling? She didn’t think he liked her at all until she received the invitation to dinner.

Once they cross the line between their properties, combustion is likely, chaos is inevitable.