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Other (Fiction)

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Revenge Fires Back

A family camping trip goes wrong when a severe storm blows in and leaves the Clarks stranded in the wilderness. Tempers flare, bad decisions are made, and a once stable family is split apart. Can God use their trials to draw them back to Him?


Hidden in Harmony

The Russell family came home one evening to find an uninvited visitor sleeping on their porch. Brock appeared to be quite harmless. Knowing the Bible says they are to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, the Russells take Brock into their own home and quickly befriend him, only to find out he has formerly been accused of a horrifying act. The Russells do not believe in allowing tumors to tell them who to befriend or who to turn away. They decide to do some detective work and in so doing find out about a decade worth of unexplained disappearances in the town Brock was originally from. Threats, violence, death, and kidnappings haunt the Russells as someone desperately attempts to stop their investigative efforts.