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David Byrne is...David A. Byrne, forgot the “A” the first time. The “A” is important, because some guy with the name David Byrne had to be in a band called the Talking Heads and make the name somewhat famous before I was born. The nerve. Ok, so the Talking Heads are great, but come on!

Writing is David's passion. It keeps him up at night. Writer of screenplays, prose, comics, song lyrics, whatever flows. Even copy for real estate listings; really, really terrific copy…really the best. Maybe not so much.

David's debut novel, Shady Place, was a finalist in the 2016 Launch Pad Manuscript competition. His first comic book, The Couch, will launch in late 2017.

The rest of stuff you need to know about David: Born in Germany. Mostly raised in and lives in Florida. Owner of 2 cats, who happen to have stripes and are terrorists. Sold real estate for more than a decade. Worked in validation for pharmaceutical companies (bonus points if you know what validation is).


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Shady Place

Shady Place is a fifty-five and up planned community in Florida. It's full of vibrant seniors enjoying the the sunset years of their lives. Shady Place the novel is about those people.

Jim Phillips, a retired police detective from Philadelphia, tries desperately to avoid contact with the outside world, but quickly finds himself sucked into the goings on around him. Upon his arrival in Shady Place, Jim is shocked to discover his new neighbor is his old nemesis, former mob boss Mike Johnson. Sensing a second chance to get his old enemy, Jim decides to concoct a way to finally finish what he started and put Mike behind bars. His actions set off a rivalry between the two that sees them competing at every turn, including for the hand of the beautiful widow next door.


The Couch #1

The Couch is a humorous look at the life of Dr. Warren Lee, a psychiatrist with no money, one patient, and an eviction notice. Just when all seems to be at its lowest for Warren, he accidentally becomes the exclusive therapist to the superheroes of Megalopolis.

This is not another superhero story, no, it’s the story of how a not-so-good-at-his-job, or personal life, psychiatrist fails upward into his dream job. Too bad being a superhero doesn’t pay…and neither do they.