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Steps Taken

Amy is home from school at her new home for the first time. When she meets the new young man and older woman living there her sexual nature is sparked again from deep inside. While it seems forbidden, what she sees on the first night brings her into an erotic scenario she never could have imagined.

Join us for the first issue of a serial series from new author Chelsea Fortier!


House of Pleasure: Beginning

Amy needed a place to stay for her work term, and when she’s offered a gorgeous place right on the way to work she jumps at the chance. The fact that the two owners and her fellow tenant are all attractive and fun doesn’t phase her.

But on the first night she will use her buried desire to explore the house and have something unleashed inside of her that she can’t turn away from. Will this new house bring her to a place she never previously explored?

Join Chelsea Fortier in her first segment of an ongoing serial erotica novel - offered for free for a limited time!