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Amy is a native Oregonian who enjoys living in the countryside with her husband, Richard, and daughter, Kailey. She shares her life and house with three Pomeranians and one stray cat who chose to be raised by her.

Writing these books has been an adventure of learning and creating. Amy writes when she's inspired, usually after midnight, and the results have been fun to watch unfold as she immerses herself in the world of her characters.

Are you ready to be inspired?


Science Fiction

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Tuala's Lost Boy: Ceren's Story

Orphaned at a young age, Ceren finds a place for himself in a loving new home. His childhood scars prevent him from moving forward with his future. That is until a certain woman walks into his life.

Erika just moved to town to be with her family. Her mother plays matchmaker when she sends Erika to deliver lunch to Ceren. Even though they may be perfect for one another, not everyone will agree they should get together. Erika's past holds a more dangerous secret. A life will depend on her mastery of the magical use of the earth's elemental energy.


Outside Ascension

Warning: The Bermuda Triangle is a portal to another dimension.

And it takes Amanda to the land of God.

Will she survive?

They call their world Tuala. There is magic. And there is psychic power. The denizens of this world can travel at the speed of thought. It can be dangerous for a mortal from Earth.

For Amanda, who was just out for a leisurely sail aboard her boat, this strange place has her terrified. There is peril around every turn. What will happen if they discover her secret?

Will she find a way home?

You'll love this adventure because everyone enjoys a bit of magic.

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"WOW! What a magnificently woven story! The world!?
Bonkers interesting good! Just read it for yourself."
- Rose, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★