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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Timothy has lived his entire life in darkness, under the oppressive rule of Mother in the underwater city of Elysium. As part of the Underground, a rebel group opposing Mother’s dictatorship, he has one role: get close to the Daughter of the People, Miss Evelyn, in order to obtain enough information to take her and Mother down.
He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Evie.
He wasn’t supposed to care.
And now he has a choice: risk everything – his life, his mission, his people – to protect her…or sacrifice her for the justice of all.
RISE is a chilling prequel to RENEGADE, an Elysium Chronicles short story.


A Dark Grave

After the death of his father, Gavin has focused on only one thing: he must support his mother and his little brother. But how can he succeed in a world where the natural enemy and the resources are in short supply? Gavin decides to sail secretly to the mysterious island in the sea where game should be wild in abundance – but also is a host to deadly secrets. As he leaves, he has no idea that this journey will take him into a dark grave.