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I aim to quench readers’ thirst for exciting, no holds barred thriller fiction by writing fast-paced stories about badass underdogs in violent showdowns with evil bastards. And you’re gonna—yeah gonna find a shitload of cursing, plenty of violence, the occasional sex scene when necessary to the story, and an unhealthy dose of dark humor—because I fucking love that shit and I think you will too. Stay thirsty for thrilling words, my friends! I’m mixing the cocktail as we speak!



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Rest In Peace, Baby

One badass girl, a shitload of murderous narcos, and nonstop action from the opening line. This is a no holds barred *introductory action sequence* filled with deliciously unrealistic action and an over the top heroine. It's a blazing fast 90-page read.

It’s *not* a full novel with a full plot, character development, etc. If you want those things (ya greedy bastard!) you’ll have to read my *next* book, which ain’t free! Cheapskates love free books, but my baby girl don’t like cheapskates…

This book is just the teaser to get your blood pumping and sucker you into buying my next book. (I’m sorry for being such a greedy bastard that I actually want to make a living.)

Grab your free copy, get glued to your seat, and then resentfully buy the next Badass Mexican Girl thriller!