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I Am Not a Traitor

Henry Stein, the 50-year-old chef of the Israeli Navy’s submarine fleet is laid off from his job after thirty years. Due to his big secret, he cannot reveal this fact to anyone, not even his wife. How does his secret relate to a serious of calamities in his family and his longstanding personal relationship with the British MI6? Step by step, the clandestine life of the “innocent cook” comes to light… until the inevitable moment when he must decide once and for all where his loyalties lie.


Roller Coaster in Tehran

Rollercoaster engineer, Dr. Amalia Tavori, is sent by the Israeli Mossad to Tehran, Israel’s worst enemy, to help the Iranians build a huge amusement park. As an Israeli spy, Tavori knows no boundaries and has no shame. Fooling her enemies and Mossad operators alike, she works out of her own deep convictions. When disaster befalls her family in Israel, her secret mission becomes even more difficult. Amalia is prepared to sacrifice her life for her country, but not for an existence without love.