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Keto on a Budget

Do you want to try a low carb or keto diet but worry about the costs? This short guide details how to Keto on a budget.


Man of Means: A Romantic Comedy Millionaire Romance (Miracles Landing Book 1)

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Jenna McBay's bookstore is in financial difficulties. If she loses it, she also loses her parents' legacy and the opportunity to help her sisters through college. She needs help, and fast! When Jenna's aunt dies and leaves her an ancient trunk of books, however, one title--How to Wed a Man of Means--seems to fit her situation perfectly. Now, if she can only turn the head of handsome, ex-football hero Slade Walker, her situation might improve. Will the book ruin her chance at happiness before it helps her?


Change of Heart

Sinclaire Meyers is completely broken. A young, single mom, her sole focus is taking care of the nursing home residents and her three-year-old son. She doesn't particularly believe in God, and even if she did, she doesn't see why He'd be interested in her as damaged as she is.

When Ace, her son's father, comes back to town claiming to have found God and wanting to make amends, the last thing she wants to deal with is him or what he has to say.

Will she be able to find the grace to forgive him for the past? Will she be able to accep tthe grace of God's forgiveness? Will Ace be able to overcome the past and be part of his son's life? God has forgiven him, but can he forgive himself? With a little help from the zany seniors at Days Never new, they both just might be able to find forgivenes