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Science Fiction

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Four Worlds and Counting

The Fermi Paradox resolved, the challenges of parenting a vampire, a power struggle between father and daughter which will leave you gasping, and the Singularity in our lifetime.

These four stories pulse with energy of a dream long delayed, as writer Jay O'Connell returns to fiction after a long hiatus. These are the first four of a flurry of short stories and novellas appearing in the genre's most prestigious publications, including Asimovs, Analog, F&SF and Interzone. They are, in a literal sense, a dream come true.


That Universe We Both Dreamed Of

After a dozen publications in the 90s, Jay O’Connell took an eighteen-year break to have kids, participate in dodgy internet start-ups, and stare philosophically into space. His return to SF has lead, so far, to another dozen sales, mostly in Asimov’s, (this is his breakthrough story there) but also to F&SF, Interzone, Galaxy’s Edge, and Fantastic Stories. This story includes a hopeful solution to the Fermi paradox and obliquely answers the question, what is the meaning of life? Most importantly, it's free.