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Akay Brothers are the authors of The Jason Cage Series. They prefer penning stories in the genre of mysteries and thrillers. Their approach to writing is to hit deep, keep you entertained, and leave you wanting MORE with every turn of the page. Their simple philosophy is to create universes and worlds and put characters in those worlds and allow them to over-achieve and over-deliver in trying conditions. The bottom line it to get your heart pumping and veins throbbing with excitement and suspense.
Belonging from the generation of the Millenials, they call themselves the world citizens due to their constant travelling that have shaped their way of thinking and writing.

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The Undead

It was the happiest night of my life. Becoming a first-time father. Little did I know that the Undead had other plans.

WARNING: DO NOT READ this if you are a parent or going to be one soon.



Jason Cage

A 3500 Years Old Prophecy.

A Man From Nowhere.

And The Girl He Loved.
Jason Cage is a man you don't want to meet ever. You will not look at him twice, if you see him on the streets. But you do not want to be in his dreams. Because if you are then you are either dead or about to suffer a horrible end that nobody will ever know. Blacked out from TV, radio, and Newspapers. Only be uttered in hushed voices.

Jason is hiding away from the rest of the world, in a monastery where his dreams can hurt no one. Because his nightmares are not just his imagination. But he has to come out of the shadows when the love of his Life - Lisa is about to be dead in 6 days. Little did he know that to save Lisa, he has to battle against a 3500-Year-old prophecy that will pit him against the devil itself.