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Rebecca Janet

Very beautiful cover :)

R.F. Kristi

Tingling and chilling! A great read.

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Providence In Ecuador Suspense Series Sampler

The Providence in Ecuador suspense trilogy is three separate stories with connecting characters who escape from different trials and find safety in Ecuador.



Expressions From A Channeled Poet

Expressions From A Channeled Poet is a sampling of the contemporary poetry of Scarlett Braden including poems from the books, Psst! Your Wisdom's Showing, Three Sisters: Mystic, Priestess, Wild Woman, and Lyrics of A Transcendental Love.



The Legacy of Paisley Cove: A Prequel

Paisley Cove- A secluded community of writers who share more than a love of words. The residents share ancient secrets, participate in secret rituals, and bond in special ways to try to heal the world. These writers are also witches, shamans, and priestesses. It's real magic for real problems. There's always something brewing at Paisley Cove. The Legacy of Paisley Cove is the prequel, of how the community was formed, how the estate of a reclusive literary great became the safe haven for practicing pagans.


Zero Mercy: The Evolution of Pierce Wellington III

In every man’s life, there are defining moments that determine who he is at his core. Zero Mercy is the story of a legacy military man, and how one horrific family event changes how he sees the world, and what he intends to do about it.