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Dawn has worked over the past twenty years in the financial industry, leading teams, coaching employees, and providing client service. She started writing as a way of achieving balance.

Over her career, she had one theme that helped her find success and balance.

BE Where You Are.

She latched onto this phrase to guide her choices when she became a mom and struggled to balance work, parenting, and time for self. BE Where You Are means to truly embrace where you are in this current moment. We can only focus on what we are doing in the moment. Once we learn how to fully submit to the present, we can evaluate, and guide our compass towards where we want to arrive in the future.

Dawn lives in Iowa with her two teen-age boys. She reads everything she can get her hands on. She enjoys walks with her dog Grace, boating, fitness activities, and a little golf. She enjoys volunteering for Dress For Success Des Moines, and 50% of the profits from this book will be donated there.


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The Mapmaker: Your 33 Day Journey Towards Daily Presence

This book is deep, light, heart wrenching and funny all at the same time! A must read! ~Amazon Reviewer

Mapmaker reminded me of why I'm here, why we all are here. ...Simple steps to bring the reader back into focus on the things that matter in life. In many ways throughout the book. ~Amazon Reviewer

We all crave balance, mindfulness and the ever elusive presence. How do you pull these feelings into your busy chaotic life? I will show you. Let me take you on a journey.

Story + Journaling = Presence. This is a gift of intentional presence you are investing in for yourself. Through reading, journaling, and your own daily focus you will be in partnership with your compass. Tuning into our compass is our responsibility in this journey to actively respond to direction.

So...are you coming?